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Lesson 1: Symbols From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 2: Message From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 3: Ancient Artifacts that Point to Harnessed Sonic Energy | Lesson 4: Activating Junk DNA and Mysteries of Our Origin | Lesson 5: Exploring a Bigger Picture | Lesson 6: Divinity Around and Within | Lesson 7: Conclusions and Hypotheses | Appendices | Ascension Meditation: Wiggle Resonance

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As it relates to Mom, I'm Marrying a Hybrid; Don't Tell Dad Yet! [Confiscated],while reading my son's letters and journal excerpts, I was able to put together a breakdown of the process that Albert experienced when Jayne invited him on an Astral voyage. It utilzed techniques that were phased out of our culture in biblical and legendary days to prevent the populace from having the same capabilities of the gods, and has similar traits as those practiced in Kundalini energy work. The following chart outlines the methodology of the gods for ascension to the Astral plane, as best deciphered from the writings.
resonant meditation of gods with gold


Below is an outline for group ascension meditation. Always work and instruct others to work within comfortable limits. Peace be with you.

60 min
<date/time your choice>
<location your choice>

BRING: Three throw pillows; drinking water; (yoga)mat optional

ATTIRE: Dress as you would for a yoga class

PREREQUISITE: Basic knowledge of the Chakras (including the concept of Kundalini), with an open-mind as it relates to energy flowing up the spinal cord with controlled differentiation based on resonant vibrational frequencies.


HYPOTHESIS: Within all nature of the universe, including matter, energy, and light, there are atoms, which also make up human DNA. Our mysterious Junk DNA, in part, is associated with our soul, which resides in the Astral Realm. There is a lost or hidden method to activate our Junk DNA and experience Astral Awareness, tapping into the All (God, Creator, Mother Nature, Universal Spirit, etc) using intuitive energy as the conduit, which is physically manifested in the Pineal gland.

ASSUMPTION 1: Our spirit (soul) is part and parcel of universal energy (the All) whose domain is the Astral Realm.

ASSUMPTION 2: The 6th Chakra is synonymous with one's Third Eye.

ASSUMPTION 3: The Pineal gland consists of cells that respond to a frequency of light that is associated with the Blue Star Prophecy, a cross-cultural legend (for more info see Lesson 4.50 and scroll to the video). Also, the Pineal is the third light-sensitive organ in our body, following our two eyes.

ASSUMPTION 4: The 7th Chakra is a state of higher consciousness associated with Oneness with the All, therefore the Pineal gland (6th Chakra / Third Eye) is the gateway to the Astral Realm.

ASSUMPTION 5: Light exists in many frequencies that are not visible by the human eye. Sound is associated with vibrational frequencies that are perceptible to the human ear, and can have characteristics of resonance and harmonics. This is why scientific acoustical studies have determined sounds like those at Appendix 1 PINEAL GLAND SOUNDS in the right column will be subconsciously identifiable to listeners.

ASSUMPTION 6: The Hindu meditative practice in which one chants the Om tone vocally is a method of honoring and uniting with the energy of the universe: all creation, all light, and all knowledge.

ASSUMPTION 7: The Hindu Kundalini is a specialized, heightened practice that involves arm movements that engage the spine in a wiggle motion, and is associated with a snake moving up the Chakras. It is theorized that Hindu gods (Vishnu, Durga, and Ganesha) are depicted with numbers arms to represent their two arms in rapid motion. Scroll to Lesson 7.20 for evidence.

ASSUMPTION 8: In numerous religious texts, including the Bible, the presence of divinity (God and Angels) is associated with sounds like thundering trumpets.

ASSUMPTION 9: Specific excerpts from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth describe a method of orienting the body with respect to the magnetic field of the Earth for inter-dimensional experiences.

ASSUMPTION 10: The electrons in the geo-magnetic field behave more in line with quantum physics that with classical physics.

ASSUMPTION 11: Using a lightning bolt as an example, the burst of light is a release of electrical energy that also releases sonic energy causing the thunder.

ASSUMPTION 12: The central nervous system operates with electrical impulses, and resides in the spinal cord and brain. The Pineal gland is in the center of the brain.


METHOD OF PRACTICE (Session time table): [Copy url to browser for image of steps below]:

STEP 1 (0-10 minutes): Define your personal space, situate pillows, relax, breathe deeply, steady the heart rate, center the mind, be courteous to others.

STEP 2 (10-20 minutes): North-South geo-magnetic longitudinal calibration. Lay flat, head to North, arms at side palms up. Om in resonant frequency. As described in the writings on the day Albert and Jayne met, the method to find sonic resonance is to begin a tone at a high (or low) pitch fairly loudly and cascade the pitch until you feel a particularly identifiable ringing (or other unique trait such as echo). Imagine seaching for the tone of a tuning fork within.

STEP 3 (20-30 minutes): East-West geo-magnetic latitudinal calibration. Lay flat, head to East, forearms cross chest at heart, hands grasp shoulders. Om in resonant frequency, harmonize with others. Harmonizing does not mean the tone pitches need to match. Where in step 2 individual resonance is discovered, upon hearing other individuals om'ing, softly begin to make adjustments. Find a vocalizing volume that is comfortable to you, and refrain from om'ing so loud it disturbs or distracts others. The goal is group unison.

STEP 4 (30-40 minutes): Wiggle resonance from low to high frequencies. Om when comfortable. Chakra visualization. [In Step X in the wiggle resonance method chart above, notice the points where the sinusoidal wave intersect with the body...those are recommended pillow placement locations; adjust as needed.

STEP 5 (40-50 minutes): Kneeling or seated lotus wiggle resonance. Facing North or East, your preference. Om when comfortable. Astral visualization. When kneeling, additional comfort and resonant motion capacity is enhanced by placing a pillow below the knees and another between the heels and buttocks.

STEP 6 (50-60 minutes): South-North geo-magnetic longitudinal calibration. Lay flat, head to South, arms at side palms down. Om in resonant frequency. Last few minutes in silence, steady breathing.


Lesson 1: Symbols From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 2: Message From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 3: Ancient Artifacts that Point to Harnessed Sonic Energy | Lesson 4: Activating Junk DNA and Mysteries of Our Origin | Lesson 5: Exploring a Bigger Picture | Lesson 6: Divinity Around and Within | Lesson 7: Conclusions and Hypotheses | Appendices| | Ascension Meditation: Wiggle Resonance
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The wise yearn to know more, and the question of our origin has never fully been answered.

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