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Lesson 1: Symbols From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 2: Message From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 3: Ancient Artifacts that Point to Harnessed Sonic Energy | Lesson 4: Activating Junk DNA and Mysteries of Our Origin | Lesson 5: Exploring a Bigger Picture | Lesson 6: Divinity Around and Within | Lesson 7: Conclusions and Hypotheses | Appendices | Ascension Meditation: Wiggle Resonance

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Appendix 0

Video above: All the evidence you'd ever need to be convinced there is intelligent life beyond us that plays a role in our existence.
NOTE: One incredibly crucial distinction you must understand is the different conceptions of "hybrid" humans. The topic begins in the clip above at 1 hr 17 min, and is repostulated in an entirely different (and creepy) way at 1 hr 25 min. Before full disclosure occurs, either voluntarily by governments or involuntarily as a result of an impending mass global sighting, the public must reconcile that we are hybrid products of naturally occuring early-man on Earth and the advanced gods presented in Creationism. The hybrid creations of the grays are different in that they are their attempts to incorporate some of our human DNA into their species. Again, we humans on Earth do not have gray alien DNA... yet.
Appendix 1
From Lesson 4.62, watch the video playlist "DMT: The Spirit Molecule". Skip what you've already seen.
(Expand to full screen if desired.)
It is followed by other videos in the playlist, which are optional. Additional playlist about DMT and the astral plane:
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Specifically this:
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PINEAL GLAND SOUNDS: More on how to cleanse your pineal gland: (Link: Other pineal gland activation audio track, use headphones:
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(This clip has been either deleted or restricted from sharing by the original uploader. One might wonder: Because there was originally more than 1 video as an example of pineal gland cleansing and activation, it means there is more than 1 resource available to research.) Search youtube for binaural beats and brain entrainment.
Looking at this image of Elam, below,(
it's clear there's a pine cone in hand, representing the importance of the gland. Additionally, notice the representation of an association with flight. Further, the large headdress warrants consideration: What powers might an individual wield with a golden-dome cap and a well-honed pineal gland?
Appendix 2
From Lesson 5.10, extended education about the Emerald Tablets.
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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth are remarkably profound. They speak of the Astral plane and describe the process of reincarnation. One wonders what information might be on the two tablets that have been hidden away from public view. Given some of the energy secrets disclosed on the ones in the video, surely that which is hidden is profound, and may relate information about the abilities of the gods themselves and how they interact with the Astral plane.

One notable segment in particular begins at the 3:26:06 to 3:33:50 - How to balance and calibrate to the Earth through meditation in specific ways and directions, to experience the past concurrently with the present.

Also 3:54:05 to 4:03:04 - The Secret of Secrets, regarding Light, Dark, the physical, the mental, the astral, the channels within us, how to join with the gods.

Appendix 3
Notable bible chapters to reference:
Speaking in Tongues:
Consider DMT experience from 9:34-10:52 in this video as it may related to Speaking in Tongues:
(Expand to full screen if desired.)
The day of the Lord:
Jeremiah 25, verse 30: Imagine the scene knowing about the existence of space crafts and sonic energy.
The whole Book of Ezekiel has remarkable imagery and power associated with it.
There is a relationship between lightning's electrical energy, the light produced, and the sound produced as well. This points to an interplay of electrons and how they interact with the earth's magnetic field, which is proven to lie in quantum (not standard) physics, per this article:
Appendix 4

Miscellaneous extras:
Possible footage of grey alien, which in the hypothesis put forth in Lesson 3.40 has its roots in artificial intelligence. The Remote Viewing clip in that Lesson supports the concept.
(Expand to full screen if desired.)

Kundalini Awakening clip - a Kundalini search on Ustream wil arrive at a long video in which the graphic description of arm movements below this movie are demonstrated by a woman who might be this same woman. In this video below, the result shown is not necessarily the desire for all individuals. In the Ascension Meditation: Wiggle Resonance method the body is always kept in control.
The method of arm movement shown in the diagram is one in which, when performed at a speed that induces a resonant frequency, results in a sideways sinusoidal wiggle of the spine with small amplitude. Recall the waveform motion of the snake, which is a representation of the kundalini energy rising up the spine.
Hypothesis 1 in Lesson 7 presents the idea that Krsna is depicted with multiple arms due to a rapid movement of the body. This clip shows a mere Human, so certainly Krsna did it differently. The true methodology was lost by non-transmittance culturally over the generations.

If a rapid sinusoidal motion of the spine allowed humans in the past to transcend to the realm of the gods (that is, attain the Astral plane), then the local authorities would have been instructed to confine them in such a way to prevent that such movement. The movement may have included the rapid motion of the arms and legs in order to vibrate the spine at a resonant frequency, thereby unlocking the true power of Kundalini. Crucifiction prevents the motion.

Remote viewing info. This is Part 1 of 2. Part 2 is referenced in Lesson 3 to support the conjecture that grey aliens are Artificial Intelligence... Messengers of God. Sometimes also referred to as the Watchers.

Sonic vibrations have inherent traits that we have only begun to discover. Recall, it is suggested in Lesson 2 that UFOs make crop circles using sonic energy.
Some cultures still use harmonizing rituals to attain spiritual heights, and in the case shown here, the resultant power may be too much for us to handle.

Ancient sonic resonance utilized in the great pyramids:

Cargo cult:
Tribes reproduce aircraft that crash landed.

Maya figurines that resemble space men.

The "gods" of yore had knowledge that has been removed from our present cultures. Noting that Krsna often had a sound making device and is depicted dancing, may give clues to a spinal movement that can be performed to unlock hidden powers.
krsna dance1 krsna dance2
Here is a list of Krsna's incarnations.

Could it be that if done a proper way, a specific dance motion can activate Junk DNA? Instead of having that spiritual gift, our culture has passed down a simplified abstraction that confines us to the physical realm.
footloose jagger

There have been recent "unmanned" missions to space, right before and after 2012. Could these three figures be life of other-worldly intelligence in lotus seated positions?

Appendix 5

Suggested reading:
Erich von Daniken: "Chariots of the Gods"
Zecharia Sitchin: "The 12th Planet"; "The Lost Book of Enki"
Graham Hancock: "Fingerprints of the Gods"

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, by Drunvalo Melchizedek, is a literary work that is ground-breaking, has been around for decades, and is finally beginning to reach more people. The consciousness shift that has been occuring for decades yet has increased post-2012 lends itself to this new education.

Drunvalo Melchizedek describes the concept of inter-dimensional translocation associated with 90 degree shifts and energy in the first section of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. For those who want additional continued reading, buying his book is a good idea:

In the book, Drunvalo speaks of 90 degree rotation to enter new dimensions, which is a process described in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (see Appendix 2 above).



Appendix 6

3rd Day He rose again

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Lesson 1: Symbols From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 2: Message From the Other-Worldly | Lesson 3: Ancient Artifacts that Point to Harnessed Sonic Energy | Lesson 4: Activating Junk DNA and Mysteries of Our Origin | Lesson 5: Exploring a Bigger Picture | Lesson 6: Divinity Around and Within | Lesson 7: Conclusions and Hypotheses | Appendices| | Ascension Meditation: Wiggle Resonance
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The wise yearn to know more, and the question of our origin has never fully been answered.

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